A town falling under the jurisdiction of municipal council in the Ahmednagar District in the Indian state of Maharashtra.

-The driving distance of Shirdi from Pune is approximately 200 km while through train is 228 km. It roughly takes around 4-5 hours of travel without much hassle.

-The place is rightly called the ‘Land of Sai’ and the temple is built in commemoration to Sai Baba to pay obeisance to the venerable deeds of the Indian spiritual guru and saint.

-The temple was established in the year 1922.

-At age of 16 years Shri Saibaba arrived at the village of Shirdi in Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra and remained their till his death.

– He lived in a mosque and after death his body was cremated in a temple.

– The temple is amid the hustle and bustle of the city but the calmness of the temple transcends the commotion of the town and mellifluously contains all those who come with the guileless purport of visiting the holy place.

– The main road is hardly at a ten minute distance from the temple.

– The market leading to the temple is flooded with vendors selling the paraphernalia that serves as an offering in the temple.

– Places to keep your valuables safely are also present in abundance after a short distance.

-Photography is strictly prohibited inside the temple and so is the use of electronic gadgets like mobile phones.

-The powerful aura of the place inevitably keeps no being away from visiting the shrine.

-It is a perfect place for sai baba devotees to pay their obeisance at, with their religious endeavor enshrined within the essence of spiritualism.

It also serves as the perfect abode for the devotes who seek to ingratiate themselves to the service of Lord.

A visit to the holy place leave them gratified with ineffable contentment, satiating their very purpose of visit.

The temple always finds itself ingrained with pilgrims pouring in thousands every day in reverence from their heart and genuflection of their bodies solely to appease the idol.

In return to this unquantifiable devotion, the devotees staunchly believe that their prayers are answered with wholesome respect by the ‘Fakir’, strictly abiding by Newton’s third law of motion, ‘for every action there is equal and opposite reaction’, since it is also applicable to thoughts which when structured profoundly transform into actions with a fruitful reward.

-* * If you want to save yourself from the fatigue of alignment in long queues, then the best time to visit the place is early morning specifically on weekdays.

– Apart from the temple, other tourist places of interest are-

* Adul Baba Cottage

*Dixit Wada Museum


*Samadhi Mandir

– Not so far is another religious spot, ShaniSinghnapur .It is roughly 73km from Shirdi. Devotees come here to receive the blessings of Shri Shani Dev.

One unique thing about this village is that there are no doors or locks in any of the houses and it is believed that it is because of Lord Shani’s blessings that keeps the village oblivious to all the crime.

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